Hello Book, So Long Sleep...


I'll read anything that looks interesting or has been recommended by friends. Most of the books I've really enjoyed were either Dystopian/post-apocalyptic or Young Adult.

Who am I?

So who am I?

Well, I'm basically a Southern Yankee. What is that you say?

It's someone who was born in the North, but loves and Lives in the South.

(Didn't I just look like a little southern Bell!)

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 I'll never be Southern since I don't have 10 generations of family that has been born here. Neither will my children ever be "southerns" even if they were born here. Like one old timer explained to me when I asked why not?

"Well honey just because a cat has kittens in the oven doesn't make them biscuits  So, my kids are "northerners" who have never lived in the North.


 I've always like to read.( thanks to my elementary school Librarian Mrs.Lang.)

So if I were to timeline my Reading preferences it would look like this

Start-> Horror-> V.C. Andrews-Historical Romance-Mostly European Historical Romance-Harlequin Blaze Books->  Vampires (Maggie Shayne)- Sherrilyn Kenyon -> Young Adult Books - > Sci-Fi (Thank you Anne Aguirre) - >   Fantasy (Marchetta & Taylor!)- >   Zombies (Carrie & Ryan & Jonathan Maberry) - ->  Dystopian 


With all that typed, I'm not one to stick to one genre. I like to read anything that catches my eye.

So what's up with my blog title? Hello Book! So Long Sleep.

Well, I have two boys and we home-school. (yes I'm one of those crazy people) So----- my only time to sit down relax and read is when everyone else is already snoring. I admit if I have to chose between sleep or a book... I'll pick a book .


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This is my cute Family and Me = )