Hello Book, So Long Sleep...


I'll read anything that looks interesting or has been recommended by friends. Most of the books I've really enjoyed were either Dystopian/post-apocalyptic or Young Adult.

My Rating Scale


One Star 

What were they thinking? Had to skim through the pages just to finish. If I ever saw anyone attempting to buy/read it I'd try knocking it out of their hand.


Two Stars 

Meh. It was just O.K. I've read other books that had the same theme and were done better.


Three Stars 

Liked it, it was entertaining.(Pretty much an average good book) At least one character sucked me into the story making me want a little more.If it has a sequel I'll read it.


Four Stars

 Really, really liked it, will definitely read more by the author, will recommend to others that like the same genre.(probably would consider it a 5 star for it's genre)


Five Stars  

 LOVED it. Couldn't put it down, a book I wanted to talk about immediately after I was finished with it. Every book after this one seems dull. A book that I've actually tried to push on strangers while I see them browsing for a book to read. A book I feel I have to defend if someone has had the audacity to give a bad review.