Sanctum (Guards of The Shadowlands) by Sarah Fine

Sanctum - Sarah Fine

Have any of you seen the 1984 movie Children of the Corn? Yea, I grew up on all those movies. (There is a reason why I'm bringing this up)

You see, there's this character from the movie (and book) and his name is "Malachai". 

photo Malcoc_zpsf4fea89f.jpgHe's not very attractive is he... in fact all those kids creeped me out. In this one scene Malachai is getting called out. (shivers).

For YEARS when ever I read about a "Malachai" or hear the name, all I can think about is this red- headed actor.

So, I should probably thank Sarah Fine for now replacing that old "Malachai" with the NEW "Malachi"

photo malsan_zps0bd72e98.jpg


MUCH better!


on to the story -

it was a nice change from the other YA stuff I've been reading, no vampires, werewolves, dystopia. Just Hell.


"Bad acting was kind of an epidemic in hell."


Am I saying this was a flawless read and it was brilliant? No, I'm saying that I was entertained and enjoyed it so much I'm looking forward to the second book arriving at my library.

 I wouldn't be surprised if this gets turned into a movie. 


 While looking up some stuff on the book I found an interview with Sarah Fine  and who she'd cast.

Also you can read journal entries from Malachi Here.