the Young Elites by Marie Lu

The Young Elites - Marie Lu

I'm a big fan of her "Legend" series, so reading this one was a must. Did I go into it comparing it to Legend, Prodigy & Champion? A little bit. I couldn't help it. That series just got better with each book.

Reasons to like this book:

- Fantasy - If you're a fan of Melina Marchetta (nothing will ever even come close to Froi of the Exiles for me!) or Kristin Cashore, this will be one to make it to your list.

- If you've read Melissa Marr's Carnival of Souls ( now called Carnival of Secrets) and you liked the "Darkness" of the story. This one will appeal to you too!

- If You like kids with Super powers, Love the X men? this could go in the same category.  

On that let me add, while I was reading about Adelina, Enzo & Teren,  I got this daja vu feeling. Girl with dark powers falls for good guy, but has bad boy stalking her. Sounds a lot like Tahereh Mafi's (who is one of the coolest author's I've met, check out how she signed my gift to my sister, here. Cool right?!)... Shatter Me Series.

I'm not saying this book reads like Shatter Me, of course not, it's a totally different author. I'm saying that it has the same bad girl, bad boy thing going.

*sorry if this post seems all jumbled up. I've to keep stopping to help with an "egg" experiment my son is doing for science.*


Things I'm not sure about - That it's a YA book but has a "pleasure court". It doesn't go into great detail about anything. But one of the main characters, Raffaele, is a "consort". Could the story have been told with out it?    No.


Looking forward to the next book. Liked how she opened it for the next story.

questions for those that have read it:

Do you think Raffaele just loved Enzo or was he truly in love with enzo?

(show spoiler)