Fractured (Guards of the Shadowlands Series) by Sarah Fine

Fractured - Sarah Fine

"One more time?" he invited. A drop of sweat fell from his chin.

"I have to go in a few more minutes, but what the hell."

"Do you have a position you'd like to try?" he asked politely.

"From behind, maybe? I need more practice with that."


If ONLY this was what it sounds like, but it's not!


Let's be honest here. The first book was good because it was different. This second book takes place here. Now. So it has a lot of high-school drama. Did that effect how I felt about the book? yes. I love YA. I expect drama. but the first book was exciting and dangerous, with out the high-school drama. That's why when I first started this one I could feel disappointment settling in. "Yep, this one's getting a lower star rating."

Then of course the whole -

I can't love you and do my duty B.S.

[/spoiler]  I can't believe that made me all grouchy like it did. I started feeling pissy towards


Malachi. Really Malachi, we're gonna start this shit? Right when things were getting good?! Can't a grown woman have this tiny little fantasy, please! Fine, be an ass." - vent done lol

(show spoiler)

With all that said, I'm actually feeling like this one was slightly better than the first one. Maybe it's because this one made me go through a different set of emotions then the first.

I do like the new characters, especially Ian!


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"Sleaped" is not a word. Someone should have caught that.