UnDivided by Neal Shusterman

Undivided - Neal Shusterman

There was a certain point where I was sure that George R.R. Martin wrote this instead of Neal Shusterman.

Like many other readers, I wasn't all that happy with the third book. Which might have carried over when I picked this one up. I was excited that it was the last book, but also apprehensive about it not being a great book. Happy to say that the book almost had the same vibe as the first one.

There were some creepy parts. 


Nice finish to a series that makes you think.

"He stops imagining the parts of himself that he can no longer feel, and focuses on what he still can, living within each moment until the moment is gone. Until the beat of his heart is a memory. Until the memory is a memory. Until the core of all that he is, is split like an atom, releasing it's energy into a waiting universe."


If you've read this and haven't looked up the webpages  he mentions, here's a few:


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Girl Smuggled into Britain to have her organs Harvested.


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