But I promised..

I promised myself once I was done with the two series I was Binge watching. City Hunter (was great) and Peaky Blinders ( frickin' Rocks!) that I'd take my reading serious. I'd finally finish my reading challenge, which I lowered down from 114 to 100, and I'd not look at Netflix again until I was done.

Then Heroes and Heartbreakers had to post this. This silly post on how Mulder & Scully have ruined us for all other TV Romances.

As I'm reading the article I can feel myself planning days of easy lunches and dinners so I can sit at this computer and Binge watch one of my all time favorite shows. (Is it bad I planned for lots of Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwiches?)


*Having a hard time not shouting out "I Love Mulder & Scully"*


photo mslala_zpsf3obq5z8.gif


Okay I promise. I'll finish my challenge.

3 more books! ( Here I come Manga & graphic novels!)


Do you have a favorite show you Binge watch when you really should be reading?

Do you have a favorite TV series couple?

I also love Farscape's Aeryn Sun & John Crichton. They would be my close second

(honorable mention - Choi Young & Yoo Eun-Soo from The Great Doctor/Faith)


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