Byrd by Kim Church

Byrd - Kim Church

This is a book club read.

I'm thankful that this month's book was one I actually had on my TBR list.  Now did I like it? hmm.. It was okay. 

I enjoyed the letters she wrote to Byrd, I think I might have liked it more if the entire book were her letters. 

The story is about Addie. A woman who grew up in a small southern town. Had a crush on a boy who played guitar. He moves away, they end up getting together for a very brief visit and she ends up pregnant.

She gives the baby up for adoption. "Byrd" is what she names him. This is how she addresses all the letters she writes him. 

I wanted to connect to the characters, but I couldn't. Everything felt so , blah.

Through out the book you also learn about Addie's family. Things that have shaped her to the person she is. Again, just was very mono-toned. Maybe that was the point. Addie's life was just that.

There was a spot at the end,

Roland's wife in the garage with the car

(show spoiler)

, was that really necessary?


Not sure I'd read more by this author.


Addie believes in books. They are more interesting than real life and easier to understand. Sometimes you can guess the ending.

Things usually work out, and if they don't, you can always tell yourself it was only a book"