Golden Son by Pierce Brown

By Pierce Brown Golden Son: Book II of the Red Rising Trilogy [Hardcover] - Pierce Brown

if it's been awhile for you since you've read Red Rising, I'd suggest you review what happen before jumping right in to Golden Son. This neat little website has just what you need  - Recaptains.


I'm never gonna do this book justice on how well Mr.Brown has moved this story forward.  Usually a second book kinda stalls a little , not this one!

Here's a couple quotes - 


"Humans, no matter their Color, are fragile as doves in the meat grinder of war."



"The human spirit tries to break free, again and again, not in hate like the Dark Revolt. but for love. They don't mimic each other. They aren't inspired by others who come before them. Each is willing to take the leap, thinking they are the first. That's bravery. And that means it's part of who we are as a people."



"That cycle erodes us. Death begets death begets death, and ever more."



"I'm Gold, bitch. What'd you expect? Warm milk and cookies just because I'm pocket-sized?"


"Here's where we learn who is winning the heavens"


"That's what Society does - spread the blame so there is no villain, so it's futile to even begin to find a villain, to find justice. it's just machinery. process. And it rumbles on inexorable till a whole generation rises that will throw themselves on the gears."


 Now the rest of my post I'm gonna hide in spoiler tags because I'm gonna rant about the ending ---


What the hell!! Seriously Darrow you couldn't see how you were setting yourself for betrayal with Roque?

 How about when you admit that you "did not put my faith in Tactus once, and I lost him." HELLO! you did the same thing to Roque. More then frickin once, after you already had this revaluation!

Looking back through the book and rereading page 282, when Roque is talking about we "Fabii" and how they are a dishonest breed. Then he goes on to say

"Yet here I am, spawn of all that sin, and I wager no one here questions my loyalty."

No we didn't! Well let me back up. What I should say is I knew it was coming. I saw how Darrow left him on the outside one too many times..BUT WHY!!

 By chapter 39 I felt totally pissed off at Darrow for leaving Roque out and deep down I knew this would be Darrow's downfall.


"You are but mortal"


Now let me ask everybody. was this you?




I went back and read the paragraph again because I thought, what ,

what's in it..then I kept reading and saw 

"I look into the box and see Fitchner's head staring back at me..."




I can not wait for the next book!

(show spoiler)





side note - I just happen to be binge watching Sons Of Anarchy on netflix. So every time the words Sons of Ares came up I kept reading it as Sons of Anarchy. lol 

I guess Servo would be "Tig"