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Calling Me Home - Julie Kibler The Stories of Ibis - Hiroshi Yamamoto, Takami Nieda Otherbound - Corinne Duyvis Spice & Wolf, Vol. 1 - Isuna Hasekura, Keito Koume, Juu Ayakura, Paul Starr Everything I Never Told You - Celeste Ng




* I Promise, I do talk about books in this post!




Ever finish a Tv series you've been binging and then all other things feel dull and unsatisfying? That would be me for the last few weeks.

I finished up The Killing and now I'm in this rut that I don't care to read or even discuss what I have read. It's not like this show was all happy rainbows either. It was depressing and sad and I cried through almost every episode in the first and 3rd season. The fact that it is over just so bums me out.

 I'm actually in the second season of Dexter, hoping this will fill the void. So far I think it's funny. (yes I know he's a serial killer, but still, makes me laugh)

I've also watched two french films - Marius & Fanny. I'm a little ticked off that the third movie in this trilogy isn't out yet. I would have waited!


Okay on to the books I've read.

Calling me Home by Julie Kibler

reason for putting it on my list - I heard it was a tear jerker.

I had a hard time with the "present" part of the story. I really didn't care what was going on now. (although with out the present part it wouldn't have been a good book!) I just wanted to hear about Isabelle & Robert. I had a hard time feeling anything for Dorrie.

but like I stated earlier with out the "present" part of the story I would've never shed a tear..or two..or maybe three!


next I tried Otherbound by Corrine Duyvis

I really wanted to like this book, but it just didn't flow well. Felt jerky and I thought I may have missed maybe a small novella before this one. A small prologue to set up this story would have helped set the story in place.

I abandoned. Sorry


I'm currently reading The Stories Of Ibis by Hiroshi Yamamoto

This one is keeping my attention and I'm actually looking forward to reading it every night. It's a story of a Humanoid named Ibis telling short stories to a human. So basically it's a bunch of short sci-fi stories. I'm on story 5.


I'm also reading Spice & Wolf by Isuna Hasekura & Juu Ayakura

I know it says Parental Advisory Explicit content but I wasn't expecting THIS.

I'm not sure if that's necessary for the story. it reminds me of the kind of anime my friends are always talking about and why they don't let their kids read or watch it. My son calls it "Cartoon porn." I'm about halfway through.


Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng is sitting here waiting for me to crack it open, i may start it tonight.....but I do have Game Of Thrones Season 4 waiting for me to watch too...decisions decisions!