The Stories of Ibis by Hiroshi Yamamoto

The Stories of Ibis - Hiroshi Yamamoto, Takami Nieda

If the last story, the one about Ibis wasn't as drawn out with all the AI language I might have given this one 4 stars.

it's really just a book composed of short stories weaved together by the AI "Ibis". Who tells her story last.

The stories :

The Universe on My Hands

A Romance in Virtual Space

Mirror girl

Black Hole Diver

A World Where Justice Is Just

The Day Shion Came

AI's Story


My favorite was Black Hole Diver.



"A story is nothing more than a lifeless jumble of words.

But once it is in the hands of the reader,

the soul of the reader and the soul of the protagonist achieve a kind of synergy that transcends the world, breathing life into the story."