Everything I never Told You by Celeste Ng

Everything I Never Told You - Celeste Ng

I couldn't like this book. I really did try.

I disliked Marilyn, Lydia's mom. I saw what was happening and I just wanted to smack her.  How do you totally ignore your youngest child,  put the nursery up in the attic??

I understand the need to be something different, not like your mother, but to destroy your own daughter by pushing your dreams on her. Just sad.

She just couldn't see that her daughter needed love and acceptance, not to be different.

"Everything that she wanted for Lydia, which Lydia had never wanted but had embraced anyway. A dull chill creeps over her. Perhaps-- and this thought chokes her-- that had dragged Lydia underwater at last."


"It had not been science that Lydia had loved."


"All their lives Nath understood, better than anyone, the lexicon of their family, the things they could never truly explain to outsiders: that a book or a dress meant more than something to read or something to wear; that attention came with expectations that -- like snow -- drifted and settled and crushed you with their weight."



Which was funny because all her father wanted her/them to be is "not different" to be "normal" to blend in. Do what everyone else was doing.

I'm not even going to pretend I understood Nath.

Hannah - so sad. A child that is totally ignored.

"All her life, Hannah had hovered at a distance from her brother and sister, and Lydia and Nath had tacitly tolerated their small, awkward moon."