Reason to Breathe by Rebecca Donovan

Reason to Breathe - Rebecca Donovan

if you're thinking about reading this here's what you should know:


  •  you will read the word "breathe" many many times. so just be prepared.

 you will "HATE..hate, hate , double hate . Loathe entirely..." Carol.

  • (every time I read the name Carol I get this image of "Carol" from The Walking dead.)
  • Think to yourself - "What the F*ck, really? F*ck this book."

then you'll tell yourself you're gonna put it down because it's so frustrating because Emma's thought process is stupid.  Then Evan will turn up on the page and before you know it you'll be smiling and reading way past your bedtime because you've told yourself..."just one more page . I have to see if Emma smarten ups."


I'm not saying this book is great. It's not. But it had something that made me keep reading and put the next book on hold.

   ...oh yea, about that. If you're gonna read this one, you're gonna need to put the next book, Barely Breathing, on hold too.


Things that didn't make sense to me:


The hate Carol has for Emma. I need a reason. I don't matter how small. I just need to hear her reasoning. Like maybe Emma is really her husband's child? Or she reminds her of a girl she hates...something!


The Drew attraction. that didn't work for me. 


(show spoiler)



on to the next book....