Our Endless Numbered Days by Claire Fuller

Our Endless Numbered Days: A Novel - Claire Fuller

Things I immediately liked

 The book cover illustration by Julianna Swaney . it draws you like a fairy tale, which this is not.

The uneven pages of the book. I know some people hate this, but to me it fits this story. Like an old journal from the past kinda feel.


The beginning of the story had this old time movie feel. Like an old black & white show that I just happened to catch on TV.  Peggy walking with her father, the doll she carried. 


The story was pretty much the same thing, page after page. Their survival.

Checking traps

preparing food

arranging shelter

almost starving,


it wasn't until page 195 that something new was introduced. 

"But as I drew closer, under the wintereye, I saw footprints."


"The boots I had seen go past were not my father's." pg 223



There was so much creepy/ ickness with the relationship between "Punzel" and her father that I think it gives away the ending. Even while reading it certain parts stand out and you're wondering if something isn't quite right. Which it isn't! I did go back through to reread parts to see if I could catch something.

(show spoiler)


Overall this book was slow moving.