Everyone loves a Hero by Marie Force

Everyone Loves a Hero....and that's the problem - Marie Force

Let's talk about the cover photo. yes, he's cute, but what gets me is his belly button. yes you heard me right. Belly Button. Look at it. That's not normal is it? I mean, it's way up near his rib cage. 

Every time I pick the book up to read it that's what my eyes are drawn to. The belly button hiding in the letter "H". Waving at me.....



This book is too good. Not as in -  it was the best book I've ever read. - no. I mean , everything went a little "too good" to believe, which means I just couldn't stop shaking my head and saying "oh come on!"

yes we all want this perfect thing to happen, but you can't write a book where the guy (who had a girl he slept with at every airport basically) suddenly fall in love with a girl at first site. Then on top of that, we're suppose to believe he WANTS her to become pregnant at their first encounter.

Really? this sounds totally F'ed up. I want to believe it...I really do. Cole is a cutie. 

but I'm just not buying it.

Olivia is shy, unsure of herself one minute and then the next she's some take control chick in the bedroom, even tho she was a virgin..believable? Umm..No.

AND there was one spot in the book I think I actually talked out loud. something like

"yea, I don't 'effin think so."

Cole was informing Olivia that they were going to have sex, even if she did have her period.


"I won't forget it, and you are having sex with me. Right now."

Now, I don't know about you, but I'm a raving lunatic when I have mine and some guy telling me , no worries It's all good we're gonna do it, would probably push me over the edge. And not in a "yes yes right there" edge. you know what I mean?


I'm not sure if I'll read any more by this author. Is it bad that I'm giving this such a low rating because it was painted up too good. there was no story because every thing just worked out.