Where have I been...

photo kelBabyWHB_zps9bml8qrb.jpg



I've been on Vacation for three weeks. (and yes that picture really is me!)


I've been in NY visiting my mom & dad & siblings.

this is us taking a selfie. I'm the crazy one in the middle

photo familyselfie_zpsillr0bid.jpg



So what did we do for three weeks....


we played cards

photo cardnight_zpsffmtepu7.jpg



We geocached.

(this is what it looks like when you geocache with short people)

photo GeocacheFam_zpsuxham4c2.jpg



We visited Presque Isle where I rode a surrey for the first time.


photo surrey2_zpsykiufvuv.jpg


If you've never done this you really need to. Just don't try to bike 7 miles in and hour, because that sucks!

Here's what a surrey is.


and we camped!


photo CampingUs_zpsgdayktnr.jpg




I had a great time and I love spending time with them.

but I'm also happy to be back home, in my tiny house in the south.


These books were waiting for me at the library:

Armada - by Ernest Clines

A Darker Shade Of Magic - by Victoria Schwab

and next month's book club book -  The Book Thief.

So be on the look out for those reviews.


Also started binge watching Gu Family Book.



I've lost my sunglasses some where and it's making me sad that I have to actually shop for a new pair.