The Magician's casting News

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If you've read Lev Grossman's The Magicians Trilogy, you've probably been waiting for this news.

Exciting news from an exclusive announcement via BuzzFeed yesterday: new members of the highly anticipated Syfy show adapted from Lev Grossman‘s bestselling The Magicians trilogy have been announced, and they look incredible!

Fans of the books knew from previous announcements and the recently released trailer for the show that some of the title characters were already cast. The lead magician, Quentin Coldwater, will be played by Jason Ralph (Aquarius). His cohort was rounded out with Hale Appleman(Smash) and Summer Bishil (Towelhead) as his fellow Physical kids Eliot and Margo (aka the book’s Janet). Additionally, the preview shows Arjun Gupta (Nurse Jackie) as Penny and Stella Maeve (Chicago PD) as the mysterious Julia. The announcements yesterday have added the powerful Alice Quinn to the cast with Olivia Taylor Dudley (Chernobyl Diaries). - Nerdist


Read the whole article. Has pictures just in case you can't place the names with faces.