OT: Orphan Black season 3

Honestly, I do read books. In fact, I just finished Megan Whalen Turner's The Thief.

 But I needed to talk about Orphan Black.  I loved season 3! Every time I think they've painted themselves in to a corner they have something up their sleeve.

Well, all of it except "pupok". What the hell was that all about?!


This season's big draw for me:


Ari Millen as RUDY!

There is just something about him



Look at that smile!!




Other things I loved:

Felix - the episode where he dropped his accent, I loved it!

Ferdinand - he's one of those crazy people you really want on your side.


Things that I'm sad about:


Paul's dead,

"It was never Beth I loved."

Delphine is dead (or is she?)

I'm also sad that Rudy's dead. But you have to admit this part


was pretty awesome lol



(show spoiler)


Another thought...I dislike Shay, a lot.

I loved her as Kenzi on Lost Girl. But really I'm not feeling any chemistry between her and Cosima.


How can there be people out there that still aren't watching this show!!