Night's Darkest Embrace by Jeaniene Frost

Night's Darkest Embrace - Jeaniene Frost

I liked Nocturna. Looking like a cross between the Victorian era and the Wild West, in perpetual darkness. A place where partial demons hang out. Mara who lives in our world goes back to Nocturna to find the killer (a Pure blood)of her cousin Gloria. I enjoyed reading everything except the love scene. It read like someone was trying to get an award for the most words used in a sex scene. It read to flowery and didn't match the story. If I had to read the word "loins" one more time I was gonna start skipping over paragraphs. Here's what I'm talking about: "..I felt the thick, blunt head of him pushing at my center. Then I gasped at the hard cleaving of his flesh into mine, his heat filling me with a thrust that sheathed him in one stroke..." These words didn't make me feel like two people were having sex and enjoying it, it made me feel like I was watching a play and the actress was Horrible and over exaggerating on her lines. Besides that which was a very small part, I enjoyed the story. Maybe Jeaniene Frost will write a new series with more characters from Nocturna. Photobucket