Starcrossed  - Josephine Angelini

This book was o.k. for me. There were too many things that didn't click for me and at times there seemed like there were too many characters. Some of the things the characters said were dumb. One of the lines that bothered me was when Lucas told Helen (after she said she would prefer to get a hug from him then get anything else from anyone else) "That's because you've never been with a man before" (pg.308) It was just weird. I mean what younger guy would say that? Wouldn't he say "That's 'cause you've never been with a guy" it just was off. also Helen gets these "cramps" when ever she's around other people...she describes them as menstrual cramps. Come to find out it's called "the curse" (yea I know Seriously!) and some one, her mom, put it on her. So yes, she gets period cramps aKa The curse when she shows off her abilities in front of other people I know a lot of people liked this, but It just wasn't all that for me. One quote that I did like came from her friend Giggles, who I thought was one of the better characters of the book "I was a little worried she might try to drag me off to hell and drain my essence at some point, but I figured that was still better than having Gretchen for a best friend."