Dream When You're Feeling Blue

Dream When You're Feeling Blue - Elizabeth Berg

Why I liked this book so much. Because it had sister in it. Tish, Kitty & Louise. I found myself drawn in to their family and looked forward to seeing what they were doing everyday. What makes it different is the time it takes place. The time of WWII. I loved reading all the things that were involved with that era. I have to tell you , I never really felt bonded with the main girl, Kitty. She always felt a little stand-offish. With that being said, I'm not happy with pages 268 & 269. That's right , those two pages. I actually thought I missed something and had to go back and read it again. If it weren't for those pages I could feel good about my rating, but then again I did like the book and I read it in two nights. I'm gonna give it the higher rating. But darn it I was so mad!

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" Do you guys ever think about how Hitler has affected the whole world? That just one man did all this? I mean, what if he had been a good man, instead?"