Second Chance Summer

Second Chance Summer - Morgan Matson

I loved Amy and Roger's Epic Detour, so when I saw the author had another book coming out I was totally excited!

After reading this very long book I can tell you it's just not the same caliber as her first book. I know I'm not suppose to compare books , but I can't help it. This book seemed overly long and the only thing that seemed believable to me was that her father was terminally ill. I have a hard time with a friend holding a grudge for 5 yrs because of something that happened when they were twelve. It was presented in a way that I thought the "something" that had happened was gonna be huge and sad, but honestly I was like, "hmmm..that's it?" Of course I cried like a baby at the end, which you should know how it's ending as soon as you read what the books about.


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