The Ocean at the End of the Lane

The Ocean at the End of the Lane: A Novel - Neil Gaiman

This book is a cross between something magical & fairytale like and something dark and haunting. It's not a scary book at all, but there is something about this story that comes out like a stream of smoke and circles & lingers around you. I can't explain it, well let me tell you what happen after I finished the book. I read the last page and shut my light off fall asleep. I wake up to a whooshing sound. it was creepy and scary because I had no idea what it was. Get up check the Doppler and find out it's just a thunderstorm not a tornado or anything bad. Lay back down but have this eery feeling. I swear soon as I fall asleep I hear a voice..softly calling my name , well not Kelly, but "Mom". I get up go to Mason's room, he's sleeping like a baby. Go into Kiyler's room and his bed is EMPTY! Now I panic a little and shout/call his name twice and I hear him faintly from my room. I walk (okay so I ran) back to my room and there he is sleeping at the end of my bed. That little stinker must have heard the storm, grabbed a blanket and pillow and snuck to the end of my bed. I walk him back to his bed go back to sleep myself, but I still have this odd feeling like there's something else. I woke up this morning like a slept really good and I'm wondering if the story didn't creep into my head a little bit more then I thought. Honestly I have read creepy scary books and this was not even close to one of them. It's tame. I think it was just the magical kinda aspect that stayed with me. I wish it was much longer of a book.

In a way it had that "Lady in the Water" feel to it

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