Sing Me to Sleep

Sing Me to Sleep - Angela Morrison

I took this one out because it was on everyone's "emotion reads" lists and I like those kinds of books. But really, I was glad to finish the book. I know the author wanted to have this great story in honor of a child she knew and yes it made me look up more stuff about CF but you can't have the guy be all "your beautiful and wonderful" and then be all secret and make the girl doubt his feelings so she looks crazy. Also don't have him say it's not about sex and then the next minute have him kissing her and grabbing her so hard that he leaves bruises. That doesn't make for a sympathetic "hero". There was a lot of singing in this book, think of it like a Book musical. Oh and in the very beginning of the book it says something like she was born with this big purple mark on her face, but then you don't hear about that any more. I was thinking it was a port wine birthmark. So really she was the "beast" in school because she was tall had crazy curly frizzy hair, pimples and thick glasses. Which all got fixed because of a rich girl in her choir. I mean laser surgery and everything! I almost feel like it would have been better if she would have had a birth mark on her face, and he fell in love with her voice and could see past the birth mark. BUT to make her all beautiful and say he fell in love with her voice? I'm not buying it.

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