Such a Rush

Such a Rush - Jennifer Echols

What a waste of time. I should have abandoned this one. I seriously think this is not the same writer of The Boys Next Door & Going Too Far. I loved those books!

This book was just horrible. Here's the main things I hated: Molly She's a b*tch. One of her lines "I know you're not a practicing whore" she says this to her supposedly best friend. The word "whore" was thrown around a lot which got on my last nerve.(pgs 90-93) Really friends don't treat each other like Molly treated Leah, and it bothers me that some girls may read this and think Molly's behavior was ok, cause it's not. Also Leah uses the word tw*t (pg 190) and that made me cringe. Grayson did not act 18. And I don't believe this story was plausible. Really an 18 year old running an airport business?

I think he should have been maybe college or just older then 18.

waste of time

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