Dead of Night

Dead of Night - Jonathan Maberry

This book is a combination of the movies Outbreak & 28 Days Later.

Think you might like this book, try my check list
Did you like any of the following:
__ Outbreak (movie)
__ 28 Days Later (movie)
__ 28 Weeks Later (movie)
__ Dawn of The Dead (remake)
__ Planet Terror
__ The Walking Dead (Tv show)
__Holly Hunter's character Grace Hanadarko from the show Saving Grace
__Maria Bello's character Detective Jane Timoney from tv show Prime Suspect
__Find yourself playing for hours one of the following games:Left 4 Dead,
Dead Rising,
Dead Island

If you've checked at least two out of that list, you'll probably enjoy this book.

Kick ass heroine

favorite quotes:
“Goat made no move to get out. "Billy...this is nuts."

"Yeah, well we left 'sane and normal' behind the first time Volker said 'zombie”


Yippie ki-yay and all that shit" - Desdemona Fox

A tiny bit disappointed at the end so I had to take a half of a star.