Finale (Hush,Hush series)

Finale - Becca Fitzpatrick

Cover - dislike the front, the back's ok
My other little gripe is the title on the bottom of every right-side page. For me it was distracting. I would be reading and almost done with the page and then my eyes would see the Title and it broke up what I was reading. I know this sounds petty , but it was a real problem for me.

On to the book. I liked the first 1/4 of the book. I thought "Oh yeah Patch is back!" We're gonna get some steamy scenes. NOT!
I actually was enjoying the book right up to Nora getting p*ssed off at Patch because he was tracking her for HER safety. Really?! Stupid Nora!
Oh back up. The fake break-up? How was this suppose to work? They are fallen angels, they can sense things, they are spying on them. Why pretend to break up then still see each other. That was just dumb to me. Force Patch to show up at a Halloween Party? Nora's a whiny baby.
So putting aside stupidity of Nora, let's talk about the end.

Patch using Rixon as a skin car...hmm I'm not buying it. Scott dying... Was that necessary? What happen to Dabria? Basso an archangel? Vee is a nephilim too? Why? What's the point? And am I the only one that thought the whole ring thing ("and love you in a way no other man ever could" was a little over the top, too mushy? it reminds me of the way Disney has some one die then all of a sudden there's music playing and birds singing and we're oh so happy! Let's distract you from all that horrible mess that just happened. Look at the pretty birdy. I'm not even get into the whole Marcia thing.

(show spoiler)

With all that said, what should I give it? This is a hard one because I like Patch so much.