The Year Of Luminous Love

The Year of Luminous Love - Lurlene McDaniel

Here's how you know where this book is headed, some of the other title's by this author: Telling Christina Goodbye, Six Months to Live, Don't Die, My Love... you see it right?
in the back of the book the author explains why she always writes books like this. (Her son was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes. She wanted to write "inspirational novels") By those titles I don't see those being anything but depressing.
Here's what I don't get, How can the dialogue be so bad in the first half of the book. I mean she's written tons of books. It read like something I wrote when I was in high school. I thought the second half was better , but that may be because I got used to it.
As weird as this sounds, the part of the story I was drawn to was the "love triangle" . And the way it ended makes me want to read the next book in the trilogy.
Some people are gonna love this book, other will be like, meh.
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