The Archived

The Archived - Victoria Schwab

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This could have been one of those stories I wrapped my self all up in, but because of stupid little details I kept having to go back to the beginning saying, "wait a minute who is Da again?"
At one point I was going to abandon it, but then the "new book" smell kept me going.(wonderful brand new pages)
Seriously if you decide to read this - Da is her grandfather! Now you won't be confused for the first 100 pages of the book.
The concept of people being "archived" after death is interesting. The bodies themselves aren't kept there, but "copies" of themselves. Sorta like a changeling, they look like the person, have all the person's history, but they simply are not that person. They are to sleep eternally on their shelf. Never to be awaken. But from time to time one awakens and escapes the Archives so Keepers must find them in the Narrows/"inbetween" and bring them back. I couldn't help compare the "Archives" to heaven and the narrows as purgatory. Again I liked the story line, I just felt like there wasn't enough background info. Why do they have to have copies of people? What's the point of archiving them?
I can't say I liked "Mac". She was very hollow to me, not really written in a way that I cared about who she was. But I did really like Wes. What a cutie! He may be the only reason I read the second one.