My Life Next Door

My Life Next Door - Huntley Fitzpatrick

I fell in love with this book right away. Did I remain in love with it? No. I ended up crushing on a character and not so much with the story by the end.
Huntley Fitzpatrick does an excellent job creating characters you really like and really dislike.
The story starts off with two teens falling for one another. Rich quiet girl watched teen boy from family mom dislikes.
they fall in love
everything is going well
*Okay right here you think there's gonna be some teenage drama. Some big misunderstanding. But worry Not, there isn't any. But I did feel like I was waiting for it to happen throughout the second half of the book.
Then a plot twist changes how I feel about the book.
The beginning of the book was great I read quickly, but then you get to page 262 and, well then something happens that I felt didn't fit in with the book. Maybe because I could see this book being a trilogy, or a series with the other Garrett children. But with what happen, I'm not sure. Remember there is no teenage misunderstanding, just a plot twist I wish the author wouldn't have thrown in.
Will I read another book by Ms.Fitzpatrick?
Suggestions for her
A book about Joel then Alice of course! = )

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"A month ago, I was someone who had to put twenty-five unnecessary items- Q-tips and nail polish remover and Seventeen magazine and mascara and hand lotion- on the counter at CVS to distract the clerk from the box of tampons, the one embarrassing item I needed. Tonight I bought condoms, and almost nothing else, with the boy I'm planning to use them with."