Gabriel's Ghost (Dock Five Universe #1)

Gabriel's Ghost - Linnea Sinclair, Megan Sybil Baker

So I like Sci-Fi/Space Opera. I didn't even Know there was such a thing until a picked up & read Ann Aguirre's Grimspace (Sirantha Jax, #1). The sci-fi terms can be over whelming and I'm not sure how anyone could ever fall for a Bug Alien...wait take that back , I love my bug (shout-out to Vel!)
Anyways... since finishing up the Sirantha Jax series I've been trying to fill that Sci-fi need with some other recommended books. This book by Linnea Sinclair was the closest to the story-line I wanted. It had a Captain who was wrongly accused escaping jail time, a guy who is a telepath, an alien that is close to both. BUT even though this was written a couple years before Grimspace, I think Grimspace was just better.
Gabriel's Ghost just took way too long for me to get into the characters.(I think it was like 175 pages) Because she doesn't explain what the relationship between them was before the opening of the story, the attraction between Sully & Chaz felt off to me.
Did I ended up liking the book? Yes! Why? Only because it really had a Jax & March feel to it. I'm not sure If I'd liked it as much if I didn't see some similarities between this series & the Sirantha Jax one.
Now I'm gonna cross my fingers and hope I can find the next one in the series.
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