Games of Command

Games of Command - Linnea Sinclair

I really liked the character Kel-Paten. Maybe I should say I like the idea of the character Kel, because he really didn't get a whole lot of face time. Not as much as you would think seeing the book is marked "Romance" on it's spine. This is more like Sci-fi with one scene of some shenanigans.
Back to Kel-Paten, a biocybe, how cool is that! It would've been great to have a book before this one that was all about him becoming one and his life up to this point.
Over all this was more Sci-fi then Space Opera and I kept comparing "Sass" to Ann Aguirre's "Jax". (and in case you were wondering - Jax totally kicks Sass's arse)
Disappointing (not what I was expecting) read for my first book from Linnea Sinclair. But hearing such good things I'm gonna try
Gabriel's Ghost