Promised - Caragh M. O'Brien

I'm a little disappointed. This book seemed like it should have been bigger for what it explored. I was frustrated at the pace things were happening at because it just felt rushed.
The main reason why I liked Birthmarked & Prized was because of Leon, but in this book he seemed to be missing.It was all about Gaia 24/7. While the story progressed and the series came to an end I just feel like this book should have been expanded, maybe more on how the people from New Sylum felt. Why bring in new characters if your not gonna let them play some part in the book, well except for Malachai

whose only point was to basically die along side Peter.

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I mean was that really necessary? I won't even go into the non-existence of any kind of scene between Leon & Gaia that made me feel all happy and hot faced. I mean I think readers deserve to read a little bit of a hot scene between them... maybe even a really good kiss that even we as readers could appreciate. (sigh)
Oh, and the ending

Gaia can not have Leon's baby, ever.


Really? But then again it just shows how good of a man Leon is to love any baby that Gaia would have.

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