Simply Irresistible

Simply Irresistible - Jill Shalvis

This is a book I wouldn't have picked up if it weren't for Jayne's awesome review
Remember her posting this pic to go with a scene in the book:
oh so yummy!
Jax... where to begin. He's HOT and sexy and HOT and Sexy and.. well I could keep repeating the same words over and over but I think you get the picture.
(The only thing I'd change in Jayne's review is the actor for Jax. Ryan Reynolds is a little too young for my Jax..a little too clean cut. I picture someone that looks like a cross between these two actors:
I would have thrown some Chris Pine in there but he's just too young.
This book had me laughing out loud and giggling. The banter between Maddie & Jax, between Jax & Ford and also between Maddie,Chloe & Tara.
There are soooo many quotes and scenes I loved that I'd fill up 10 posts with them.
I'm recommending this one to all my female friends!
Seriously, you should read it = )