The Story Of Us

The Story of Us - Deb Caletti

So you have Cricket emailing Jenssen.She keeps apologizing to him, but doesn't come right out and say what she's apologizing for. In every email she sends a list that involves dogs. She owns a dog named Jupiter and that weaves in through out the book.

Anyone smart enough would know that nothing good comes out of her mentioning her dog so many times

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. Cricket's mom is getting married and you meet him (Dan) and his two daughters.
Seriously, What a waste of time. How does it take 389 pages to find out what Cricket said to Janssen? For those of you that have started this and are about to abandon it, skip to chapter 22, page 315.If you start at the beginning of that chapter you basically get the story. But the words that she keeps apologizing for are on page 333.
I loved Deb Caletti's book Stay, but didn't care for The Nature of Jade. I guess I can put this book on the pile with The Nature of Jade.