Rock Me  - Cherrie Lynn This is my second Cherrie Lynn book. You can read it as a stand alone, but it does have 2 characters that you meet in her first book unleashed. (Kelsey & Evan)
Another quick sexy read. I was about to slam a 5 on this until page 204. Then Candace got on my last nerve and I found myself wanting to skip paragraphs that she was in. (but I didn't)
It's one of those stories where you meet bad Boy, Bad boy falls for very virginal good girl,Good Girl wants all that bad boy wants to give her, Bad boy swears a lot and knows just HOW to give a girl what she wants.
Good girl & Bad boy are in love...weeeeeeeeee...(at this point I'm in love with Brian too and wish I was a book character so I could get some of the action)
*insert train breaks here*
uh oh, Bad boy defends good girl, good girl then decides they need time apart.
SLAM the 4 stars on this book.
I may be being a little unfair with the 3 stars, but damn it Candace really just p*ssed me off. Besides that part, the story again was something I think would happen. I mean the conversations between the two didn't see forced, it didn't read like a book, it was like you were eavesdropping on some one's life. I'm just so grumpy about Candace I think it's ruining the rest of the good parts lol.
Another thing, for some reason while reading this I got the feeling that Candace was younger then her 20 something years. I felt more like she was a 16 or 17 yrs old. Her actions(along with her friends) seemed a little immature/young.
Reasons to read this book:
Brian's hot
Brian's got it going on
Brian gives great oral. (wot? it's true)
I know you may not like bad boys, you may not like guys with Tattoos all over. Guys with piercings, guys that drop the "F" bomb every few minutes, but seriously, Brian has a way of changing your mind.

with that all said and done...

If I was rating on Brian alone, it would have gotten a 5.