Bitterblue - Ian Schoenherr, Kristin Cashore

Well I've finished it up and yes I'm disappointed. I think the readers that gave it the low ratings are right.
This was her weakest book.

Let me start off with things I liked:
- The drawings before each section & at the end of the book.
- The A Who's Who of the World As We Know It" section.
- Giddon
- Po

Here's what I had trouble with:




- Bitterblue. In the first half of the book her actions and personality seemed very young. By the second half of the book she seemed bossy and I really wanted to slap her.I mean how many things could she possible make Po do. SHe began acting like a spoiled Queen.
I know characters will grow, but it didn't seem like a character growing. It felt like I had put the book down and started reading someone elses.
- The whole mystery about what Leck did. Why was it so damn important? Why not just deal with what you have? What did knowing accomplish? Nothing for me the reader. I was bored and wished something would happen. Anything!
- Po & Katsa acting like a bunch of teenagers. I can't imagine how they would be rolling around and fighting like they're ten years old. I mean it is 9 YEARS later. Kat is what 26?
- the purpose of Bann & Raffin in the story?
- the purpose of now having a lesbian couple in the story (that was just thrown in there with no purpose)
- Saf. So what about him? How is he attractive? He's rude and has no appeal for me, but I did feel some chemistry between Bitter and Giddon.
Was it necessary for Bitter to sleep with Saf? No. It didn't move the story forward.
- Saf's grace. Giving dreams? That seemed thrown in there.

This book just doesn't compare to her other two books. Weak.