Saving Francesca - Melina Marchetta This book was hard to put down because the story just flows so well you don't want to interrupt it. I admit I was annoyed with Francesca. I hated hearing she couldn't be bothered for someone to think that she wanted to be friends with them. What a crab apple. But then as the story moves along you start to see the real Francesca that's been hiding.
I like this story because it's basically about family. About how a mother that can seem so strong can be so fragile.. (It reminded me a lot of the Dolly Parton song "She's an Eagle") and how when you depend on someone so much, when they fall, you also fall, so helping them up is helping yourself and family up too.

The character Tom reminded me of a cross between the characters Cook & Chris from SKINS. Luca is adorable, Justine is sweet, Will still bothers me, Tara...well is Tara lol. I'd like to read more about Siobhan.