Colters' Woman - Maya Banks
So... your running from an abusive husband and are found by 3 very hunky men, who want You to be their woman.(yes that's right they want to share you, adore you & love you)
Seems a little weird doesn't it? I mean it's not very believable. Hell it's usually only crack heads who are missing teeth that want to share me, Kidding!
Although the story line seems unbelievable, it works!
Well, I did have a hard time with how fast she said yes, but then again it is an erotic novel.
The more I read the more I liked the book. Each character had his little trade mark. Adam always called her Baby (which really I wish he would stop. that was annoying) Ethan said Doll and Ryan...well Ryan is just Ryan...full of HOtness!
If I had to put the brothers in order of Likeness it would go:
Adam is very "I'm the leader, Boss, ROAR!" He scared me a little too. Ryan is one of these guys that you want to do things for but he doesn't want you to. Ethan, Ethan is just fun and he'd be the one to take you gambling in Las Vegas.

Only itty bitty thing I wanted to change, and I did in my head when I read it cause I just need it my way is


I would have had her marry Ryan, not Adam! She had more of a connection with Ryan and thought that would've been perfect

**End spoiler**

what kind of rating should erotic novels get..stars just seem wrong...maybe I should do Lips...or something ...
I'll have to think about that later.
4 out of 5