Playing For Keeps

Playing for Keeps - R.L. Mathewson


This book started off strong and had me laughing out loud, but then it turned into one of those books that went from funny to too serious, ruining the mood it had set up prior.
I disliked Haley. Not in the beginning but more towards the ending. She just got on my nerves. Her thoughts of "We can do everything but have sex, because having sex I can only do if I love you" thinking was ass-backwards to me. I mean she had no problem with

giving him a blow job, or him going down on her. To me, that seems a little bit more personal. But maybe I'm the one that's back-asswards

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The book went down hill after the guessed it, "misunderstanding".
I liked Jason. His character was well written and I could just imagine him living next door to me. I really liked the whole "Cookie thieving bastards!" quotes he was always saying.
I'm disappointed that the book ended flatly when it had such a good start.