The Taker

The Taker - Alma Katsu

 This one's gonna be hard to rate. 
Was it interesting? Did it keep me reading late into the night?

Here's the thing-- This book has a lot of topics that made me feel...gross and icky and uncomfortable about.. Like rape. Alma Katsu's character Adair is so well written that I felt dirty and assaulted every time he was on the page. But I could understand Lanny's pull to him. His character felt like the old bodice ripper's Heroes from back in the 70's romance books.
Sheesh, did I mention this one is hard to rate.
I didn't really care about Lanny & Luke's part in this story. To me every time the story turned back to Luke I was like"Come on get back to the story."
For those that have already read this book Did you guess

that Adair was really the old man? I didn't see that coming

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. What do you think the 2nd & 3rd book are going to be about? I'd like to see what happen to

Dona, Alej & Tilde

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. And I know that

evil f*ck Adair is out there... I can almost feel his dirty presence!.

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