Daughter of Smoke & Bone

Daughter of Smoke & Bone - Laini Taylor

I hate reading newer books that have a lot of hype around them. I have this dread in the back of my mind that it's not really gonna be as good as everyone is saying.
So I was a little bit hesitant to read this one. But if your also hesitant and are putting it off this is what I can tell you. Don't put it off. Really unique book. Towards the end I kept looking at my right hand holding that section of the book and I was thinking "NO, that's so few pages left...I'm almost done."

Laini Taylor did a perfect job pacing this book and I can honestly say that I didn't want this book to be a stand alone. (not once I started reading it) It needs to be more then one book. The world she creates is just too big and beautiful to convey all in one little book.
My only tiny little hiccup with the book is

When Akiva & Karou finally meet after almost killing each other, it was a little too star eyed for me. I just couldn't understand why they almost just killed each other but now they are gazing into each other's eyes and are in love. Of course once you read the whole book you know why, but at that moment it just felt a little bit too much.

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I can't wait for September.


Quote to tell your teenage daughters..
"I don't know many rules to live by,' he'd said. 'But here's one. It's simple. Don't put anything unnecessary into yourself. No poisons or chemicals, no fumes or smoke or alcohol, no sharp objects, no inessential needles--drug or tattoo--and...no inessential penises either.'"