Killbox - Ann Aguirre

I was sadden that Vel wasn't in this story much, BUT the moments he was in, stole my heart!
This whole book was on a really low note. Not as in it sucked low, but a sort of War sadness, where you know no one comes out the complete winner.

Quotes I liked:
"Now I know there are ways to belong to someone that don’t take anything away. A relationship shouldn’t impose limits—and if it does, then it’s wrong. A lover should help you exceed your potential, not clip your wings"

"There are shades of warmth from the sweet ember of possibility to the roaring fire that fills your soul."

The quote that best describes Grimspace - "Grimspace is a bitch mistress who carries unearthly delight in one hand and a crop in the other"

the quote that gives me hope for the next book:
"Brown bird glows with grace, and though flight carries her far, white wave waits, always, on the shore."