Skin Tight - Ava Gray This book takes place a few months after Skin Game ends. So you already know the two main characters ,mysterious "Foster" and Kyra's friend Mia.
I'm not gonna recap the plot I'm just gonna say my jumbled up thoughts:
~ Soren is one of my favorite book characters. He's mysterious, but soft,so soft you want to protect him.
~ The chemistry between Mia & Soren sizzled.
~ It was easy to pick up Soren's anger and make it my own.
~ Ava Gray's made a series that makes me very eager to pick up book after book!

Ok here's what made me deduct some halves from the rating:


I thought the scene with his daughter wasn't as in depth as it should've been, It just seems that Soren would have been more emotional, that that scene would have provoked a lot more emotions from me.
~This one is a big one: the reasoning for Soren going after the facility. When the book was all said and done, it was weak. Not that I didn't really enjoy the book, but I thought there was more to the story then was written.**End Spolier****

I'm so glad I've discovered Ava Gray, her books are not disappointing and her heroes are men with flaws, but you love them anyways!