The Sharp Time

The Sharp Time - Mary  O'Connell

One thing pops in my head now when I see this book cover:
"Sandinista, are you paying attention?"
I really really liked Sandinista. Mary O'Connell has made a character that I would love to have a whole series of books featuring her. Like.. Sandinista goes off to college...Sandinista goes to France..Sandinista's Engaged!
I'm not sure I can even explain Sandinista. She just doesn't have a boring plain thought. hmm.. here's a couple quotes from her that caught my eye.
"Because surely a teacher cannot really live deep down in the heart of Crazyville, though they sure do like to visit that town, especially when they are the only full-fledged adult in the room."

"Any guy that has sex with me before giving me ye olde "You're beautiful and smart but this is just not a good time for me" is safe; he will not spontaneously combust as he walks down the street with some shiny new girl. Because I will have my Jesus-y creep-show miracle, the old stone rolling back from the tomb, yes I will."

(a little set up for this quote. She's going though a list of items that she just had to buy at target.)
"...all the products that used to magically appear on the bathroom shelves. Well, what had I thought? That tampons were a perpetually replicating species, packed cotton peeking out from the slit end of the plastic applicator, coquettish and looking for a suitable mate?"

I wanted to hear every thought of Sandinista, every sassy little thing she said inside her head!
So with that being said....
I enjoyed the story , but felt bringing in Bradley's "story" wasn't needed and felt kinda forced.

I'd give Sandinista a 5, because she is "like something thrown from the furnace of a star."

Her work place, Pale Circus, (which I need to warn you, do NOT eat any of the cute little circus peanuts sitting next to the cash register, germs! and that's all I'm saying) I'd give a it a 5, because it's spun-sugar vintage couture darlings!

The book in a whole...PhotobucketPhotobucket

*Note to self - I must read more by this author = )