Between - Jessica Warman

Elizabeth is one of those girls I would have disliked in school. The ones that have the perfect tan, the perfect clothes, all the money to do what ever they want with. Always having things handed to them.
This book's about her. Not her life as she's living it, but in flashbacks and current events after she finds her own body bumping against her family's boat

(on her frickin' 18th birthday..bummer)
As in life, you don't get a "Do over" you can't fix things once your gone. Which I know I wish sometimes I could do. So does Elizabeth,but only after spending time with another ghost, one who while he was still alive she and her friends treated badly.
This isn't just a teen "I'm a rich girl now I've died and wish I could change things" book. It also has a mystery you have to unravel.

What happened to Elizabeth,was she murdered?

and why is it she hasn't gone to the "beyond"

why hasn't the boy gone either?
AND thankfully all the questions are answered and at the end your left with close-sure and peace.
I wanted to keep comparing it to Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver, but I liked the characters in this book more. I could relate and at times feel bad for Elizabeth.
Photobucket and almost Photobucket

** This has nothing to do with the story, but my book cover looks like the girl's feet are cut off..
Photobucket Don't they look like fingers instead of legs?