Lola and The Boy Next Door

Lola and the Boy Next Door - Stephanie Perkins

I actually finished this one the same day I started it.
When I think of Lola I think of a young Lady Gaga. Flamboyant, artistic & sassy!
I wasn't too excited about Lola having two dads at first, but it really worked well. They were funny and loving and perfect for Lola.
How can you read this book and not like Cricket? You can't.

Cricket is geeky and tall and unsure of himself and let's not forget sweet.
The story played out slowly and I wasn't sure exactly how it was gonna come around full circle. I actually liked Max and had a hard time with

the way Max ended up being kinda of an asshole at the end, why couldn't Lola just break up with Max and Max be hurt but still be an O.K. guy. I mean don't get me wrong, he's not perfect, he smokes pot, which I HATE, but he did do a lot of things for Lola, like Brunch with her dads, because I think he did care for her. I know I know, was he in love with "Lolita" or "Delores", at this point it doesn't matter. Why do the authors have to make one of the love interests a bad guy. Cause some times in life people get hurt and they are both good guys, but one just isn't right for you

(show spoiler)

..OMG I think a lot of this is still bothering me back from Jenny Han's book We'll Always Have Summer. anyways...
Also..I don't think it was important for Anna & Etienne' to be in this. I think this is a perfect stand alone book.

I liked Anna and the French Kiss a little bit more.