Stay - Deb Caletti

Deb Caletti didn't waste a single word. Like an artist using each stroke to create a beautiful picture, Ms.Caletti used every word to create the story that you fall into . You know how some books have words, words that really didn't need to be said, "fillers". There are none of these words in this book.
Every sentence is filled with meaning, every sentence pulls you further in.
I'm gonna give some examples of how each sentence seemed to be as powerful as a whole story in itself:
"..because an untold story has a weight that can submerge you, sure as a sunken ship at the bottom of the ocean.:"

other quotes that hit home to me:

"To me, my body seemed only good enough, something you'd buy if it were 60 percent off, but not at full price."

I think this nailed how most teenage girls see themselves and their body.

"Only good enough"

Clara's reasoning was scary, because even though I knew Christian was bad I could see how her thinking made sense (to her).The readers sees how when you are in a relationship like that you twist things around in your head so much that you rationalize everything. At one point Clara thinks of her relationship as she's a nice object " For him it was as if he'd had a nice object, a painting, say, or some vase, and then he suddenly found out it was rare and valuable, so valuable it made him nervous. He needed to guard it. He needed to make sure sure no one would steal it.."
This mode of thinking helped him control her even more.

The chapters weave between the present and the past. They slowly move forward til your at the now. So your watching Clara go thru everyday life while little by little she takes you back telling her story.
The only thing that I have an icky to say about is was the side story about her father really necessary? Don't get me wrong this line was perfect

"It was right, because Sylvie needed another chance to save a child, and my father needed another chance to save the one he loved"
I just felt like that was a side story, where I was really wrapped up with Clara. I felt a little crappy that I had to draw myself away from how I was feeling with everything that Clara was going through , to try and solve a "mystery" between her and her father

I think every girl/woman should read this story. Why? Because you see how easy it is to fall into that kind of a relationship. This book should be a lesson.Too many times we lose ourselves for others, too many woman end up caring so little for themselves because of situations like this.
okay one more line that I really liked

"You can catch a mood like the flu, and that sort of mood was easy to pass on to someone else. Joy is not nearly as contagious as despair."