Rot and Ruin - Jonathan Maberry Photobucket

Here's my jumbled thoughts:
Liked that it was about growing up in a sense, taking everything as we thought we knew as fact and mixing it all up. Benny thought he knew Tom (his brother) and during the unfolding of the story you see him growing up and changing, realizing maybe he doesn't know everything about everything. This would include feelings for a female friend that he wasn't ready to see as anything more then just a girl.
Did I also mention this story is about Zombies? That's what made me pick it out to begin with, but in the end I liked it for the growth in Benny.
This was my first Jonathan Maberry book and I'm really happy with it. It drew me in and at one point I was feeling distraught over something that had happen in the book and I actually cheated, I skimmed to the end to "see" if all my distraughtness (is that a word?? I don't care I'm using it anyways lol) was for nothing.
Extra things about the book that I enjoyed - The cover, the way the number on the pages were slanted, the Zombie Cards on the inside cover and the fact that the author's info on the flap was done up like a Zombie card.
I'm looking forward to reading more about Benny.