The Dark and Hollow Places

The Dark and Hollow Places - Carrie Ryan

Being a big fan of this trilogy, I was worried about how it would end. I wanted to read about Gaby & Elias, not about another new character!
But I have to tell you, that I think Ms.Ryan did an excellent job. The book had just enough of everything. Love, despair & Hope.
Things that stand out for me about the story:
- this book (for me) is really about those dark and hollow places of ourselves that sometimes take us over, leaving us feeling empty and alone.

"For showing me what I could have been if I hadn't turned cold and dark and hollow"

Sometimes we believe something about ourselves for so long it's hard not to believe it any more. It's hard to let some one in.
- another quote in the book that shot straight to my heart

"I can't breathe. Can't move. Can't feel anything in my body because everything's numb - except for the broken pieces of my heart. I feel as if I've been turned to dust, ready to be blown apart and scattered far away"

We've all hurt like that at one point or another. You feel Annah's hurt as if it was your own.
- I didn't know at first if I cared for Annah as much as I cared for the other characters, but as she grew I started to see that girl that I felt bad for, the one carrying the guilt for thos eyears. I also saw a little bit more of Elias. It was a good thing.
After reading this book I feel hopeful and happy.

That Elias, catcher Gaby, & Annah find happiness and live with no regrets.